About Indopro


Indopro is a property consultancy services company in Indonesia which was established in October 2000 by the name of PT Indo Prima Kreasitama.

Indopro is established by looking forward at the future of property services business opportunities in Indonesia, in line with fast-growing of the needs for office space specially designed for moden millenials and rise of financial technology companies nationwide.

Now, Indopro has progressed tremendeously altogether with potential national property industrial growth, and renowned as one of the best property services company with the support and trust from its clients which are mostly satisfied with its services.

Moving with the main focus in fulfilling the needs of commercial properties, Indopro has served dozens of major companies, and partnered with many owners of office management and building companies. There are plenty of office buildings lease-marketed and sales-marketed through Indopro with thousands of spaces available everyday to meet clients’ demand.

Furthermore, Indopro also takes a step ahead by becoming a reliable, trusted consultancy partner for accomodation and tourism companies by contributing to market the commercial lands and buildings required by such industry.

Properties marketed by Indopro are available in major cities of Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bogor, Palembang, Semarang, Labuan Bajo and more.

Indopro expands its business infrastructure by leveraging digital marketing, and also serves its customers through the use social media and internet of things.

Reaching individual customers, Indopro also expands its business unit by marketing various apartment & condotel units, and since March 2017 operates a branch in eastern Jakarta, precisely at Transyogi Cibubur, in order to accommodate individual property customers and to serve even better.